Specialist Coatings

Specialist coatings encompass a range of advanced solutions tailored to meet specific surface requirements, with textured coatings and trail application standing out as notable examples.

Textured coatings offer more than just aesthetic appeal; they provide a tactile dimension to surfaces, enhancing grip and durability, making them particularly suitable for areas prone to heavy foot traffic or adverse weather conditions.

Specialist Coatings

On the other hand, trail application involves applying coatings with precision and expertise, often used in industries like aerospace and automotive for specialised finishes.

Whether it’s adding depth and character to architectural features or ensuring optimal performance in demanding environments, specialist coatings like textured coatings and trail application techniques demonstrate innovation and versatility in meeting diverse application needs across various sectors.

Other Services We Offer

  • General painting
  • Rope access
  • Roof painting
  • High pressure cleaning
  • Concrete spalling
  • Plaster repairs
  • Heat fused torch-on waterproofing
  • Carpentry repairs
  • Structural steel protective coatings
  • Joint sealing
  • Specialist coating (Marmoran and Plastertex)